What is KnewRecruit?

KnewRecruit is a network that connects the brightest students to the companies searching for them.

KnewRecruit streamlines the entire recruiting process by facilitating interactions between companies and students long before filing a job application. From searching detailed student profiles to scheduling an interview, KnewRecruit supports every step toward hiring the right candidate.

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As a Company

you already have a Customer Relationship Management or CRM system in place to ensure your employees can maintain a relationships with your customers.


provides the same system for managing relationships with prospective student hires, ensuring your recruiters can find and engage your ideal candidates.

Recruiter Dashboard - view student profiles
Recruiter Dashboard - view student timelines
Recruiter Dashboard - manage student interactions
As a University

KnewRecruit provides your students with a platform to showcase their academic and work experience to the companies searching for them.


helps students build relationships with recruiters through detailed profiles and personal interactions that begin long before a formal interview.

Build a timeline of experience
Showcase an interactive resume
Visual representation of timeline

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To set up a KnewRecruit company or university account, get in touch with us using contact@knewrecruit.com.